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Change is here. GOLD Credit Union is recommitting to our Members. While continuing our aggressively low loan rates, competitive rates on certificates, savings and checking accounts, and holding down fees and red tape, we’re going to be making powerful investments in our people and technology to earn the loyalty of you and your family for generations to come. 

GOLD CU has existed and thrived for 81 years. In those 81 years, the CU has gone through two significant transformations:

  • The first transformation occurred in 1989 when the Boards and Members of two PP&L Employees Credit Unions decided to join forces and become one. The PP&L General Office Employees CU (the GO) and the PP&L Lehigh Division Employees CU (the LD) merged to become PP&L GOLD Credit Union.


  • The second transformation occurred in the early 2000s, when the dedicated Board of Directors wanted more for the Membership other than just a simple savings account and very limited loans. They wanted Members to be able to access all of the banking products and services they needed while keeping their best interest at heart. In 2004, the Credit Union rebranded to:

GOLD Logo rebranded in 2004


In the last 14 years of this brand, many things have changed. Our original employer sponsor (PPL) changed, the Credit Union facilities changed, the way we access information as a society changed, the speed with which we access information changed, and the way we want to do our banking as consumers changed.

PPL GOLD Credit Union changed to became GOLD Credit Union. Our Field of Membership expanded and continues to expand.

Our Members’ needs are our #1 priority. I have been listening, and I am excited to announce that GOLD Credit Union is evolving. GOLD is investing in both our people and our technology. Our evolution has begun and it’s all about you, our Member!

Our DNA remains consistent and has always been strong. This strength is represented in our new look:

GOLD Logo rebranded 2018

GOLD CU’s strength is represented by our new symbol, the GOLD Helix. Our mark has meaning – it is powerful symbolism that represents the very foundation of our bonds. As equal parts of our DNA, each of the four helices stand on its own, yet gains strength as it is connected to its partner. The two connected halves, when aligned in an open embrace with its counterpart, represent the power of connection, the potential of openness, and the motion created by growth.

The four equal helices represent:

  • 1st - the GOLD Roots, our historical strength in the common bonds of our past, the PPL’s GO and LD. The strong foundation creates the opportunity for future growth.
  • 2nd - GOLD Values captured by the tag line, “Be you, be golden,” which embodies the belief that everyone has the right to seek their highest aspirations.
  • 3rd - GOLD Employees and Volunteers that supports each Member and helps lift them toward a brighter future anchored in financial independence.
  • 4th - and finally, you, the GOLD Member. You are a community of individuals determined to succeed though collaboration. We educate, advice and assist each Member as if you are family – because you are.

By November 9th, you will see significant upgrades to our Mobile App, which we refer to as the GOLD App.

So, welcome to GOLD CU’s third and most important evolution – GOLD’s digital evolution.

Cheryl Bartholomew

About Cheryl Bartholomew

President & CEO

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